Vessel's name M/V "DD VICTORY"
Flag: Panama
Port of Registry Panama
Built 4/2008/Korea
Official No: 36774-PEXT
IMO No. 9357468
Call sign: 3EPG5
Type of Vessel: Bulk Carrier
Classification Society: KOREAN REGISTER
Class: +KRS1 - Bulk Carrier 'ESP', BC-A {Hold Nos. 2 and 4 may be empty}, IC, GRAB, CDG, ENV (IAFS, IOPP, ISPP, IGPP, IAPP), LI, CHA, IWS +KRM1 - UMA.
DWT: 26 482 MT
LOA/LBP/BREADTH/DEPTH/DRAFT: 159.00/151.09/27.00/14.00/9.90 M
GRT/NRT: 16,993/8,917 MT
Holds/Hatches: 5/5
TTL capacity grain / bale: 1.220.285 CBF (34.552 CBM) / 1.159.270 CBF (32.825 CBM)
5 Holds (Length x Width), in meters
1) 22.4 x (16.0 FD - 26.4 AFT)
2) 22.4 x 26.4
3) 24.0 x 26.4
4) 24.0 x 26.4
5) 22.4 x 26.4
5 Hatches (Weather tight, Hydraulic Fore & Aft folding type operated by external hydraulic cylinders)
Hatch size:
Hatch No. Nominal opening size (Lm x Bm)
No.1 12.00 (L) x 14.40 (B)
No.2-5 16.00 (L) x 19.20 (B)
Cranes: 4 x SWL 30 MT installed in center on upper deck between each holds. Supplied by 4 X 10 CBM grabs (radio operated).
CO2 fitted: YES
Ventilation vessel has exhaust mechanical ventilation in the holds, with rate 6 air changes per hour.
Logs fitted: YES, but w/o stationary stanchions
Lakes fitted: NO
Ladders: Australian type.
Strength of the top tanks: 22 tons /sq.m for Holds Nos.1, 3 & 5
16 tons/sq.m for Holds Nos.2 & 4
Ice Class: IS3 (Korean Register Classification)
Main engine: B&W 6S42MC-MK7 6480 KWT x 136 RPM
Generator engine: 3 x YANMAR 6 NI8AL-UV x 500 KW
Vessel's speed and bunker consumption: Sea Speed (laden/ballast)/ Consumption at Sea(IFO 380 CST): 12.7/13.2 Knots - 17.0 Mt/Day ME plus 2.2 Mt/Day GE
M/E & G/E Fuel: HFO RMG 35 380 CST/50 C in accordance with ISO 8217:2005, BS6843, CIMAC-H55 with calculated carbon aromaticity index not more than 850. Fuel must not contain any automotive lubricating oil or other waste chemicals.
For maneuver: 600 kg/hr MDO/DMB (in accordance with ISO 8217:2005) - for purpose of reliable engine operation. Vessel's M/E burns MDO/DMB when maneuvering in/approaches narrow or restricted waters including canals/rivers/shallow waters/fog conditions.
The above stated bunker consumption figures at sea are stated provided the absence of (adverse) coming current and/or negative influence of swell, i.e. when good weather conditions - winds maximum Beaufort force 4 (max 12 knots) and/or Douglas sea state 3 (3-5 feet).
Bunker consumption in port: In port w/o cargo operations - 2.0 MT HFO 380 CST per day plus Boiler consumption - 2.0 MT HFO 380 CST per day.
In port with cargo operations - 4.0 MT HFO 380 CST per day plus Boiler consumption - 2.0 MT HFO 380 CST per day.

All details about but given with a good faith.